Smart Organizing Monitor

Smart Organizing Monitor 1.61

Controls, manages and views printer settings
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1.61 (See all)
Access and modify the settings of compatible printing devices with the utility supporting status check, error analysis, and repair, location monitoring, input tray configuration, etc. Network protocol, language, and printer ID setup are among the options as well.

Smart Organizing Monitor is a utility that allows you to adjust printer settings, such as input tray and network-related settings, from your client computer. You can also use Smart Organizing Monitor to check printer status.

The following operations are possible with Smart Organizing Monitor:
- Displaying printer status or settings.
- Checking locations where errors have occurred and error recovery methods
- Displaying the printer status and supply information.
- Printing a list of printer configurations.
- Specifying the printer's IP address.
- Making settings for paper loaded into each input tray.
- Making input tray settings.
- Changing the factory-set default settings.
- Making system, access code and language settings.
- Making network protocol settings.
- Making printer settings.

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